AIKURIO Children's Digital Watch 50M Waterproof with Rubber Strap and 8 Colours LED Lights for Sports Outdoor AKR006


★【8 Colours LED Lights】-There are 8 different colours for the watch LED light, you can set it to what you like, that will make it more personalized.
★【50M Waterproof】-50M Water Resistant design make it can work well even when you are washing hand or swimming, it's a good partner for kids. Please don't press any buttons under water.
★【Well Packaged】-The watch is well packaged in a special plastic watch box, that make the watch a nice gift for kids birthday.
★【Multi Function】-Anti-Magnetic, Anti-Vibration, Alarm, Stopwatch, Date & Week & Calendar, LED Night Light. If you don't like the alarm beeps every hour, please try to press "MODE" button and "RESET" button together to turn this function off.
★【Guaranty】- We promise a 12-month warranty and 90-day 100% full refund guarantee.Any disatisfaction, please contact us.

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Tips: You will receive a instruction manual for a different watch brand, because all the digital watches we made are use same manual, and the way to set time and date is the same, that will be more economical and more environmentally friendly, hope you can understand.

Counting Seconds Operation
1.Pressing "MODE" button for once come to counting seconds mode
2.Pressing "START" button to start counting seconds, press "START" button again to stop
3.Then press "RESET" TO zero
4.Pressing "MODE" button to conform and come back to time mode

Alarm Setting Operation
1.Pressing "MODE" button for twice come to alarm setting operation mode
2.Pressing "START" button to set hour
3.Pressing "RESET" button to choose minute, press "START" button to set minute
4.Pressing "MODE" button to conform and come back to time mode

Alarm Operation
1."START" button+"RESET" button to made alarm on and off

Chime Function Operation
1."MODE" button+"RESET" button to made Chime on and off

Standard Time&Date Operation
1.Pressing "MODE" button for 3 times to come time&date&week setting mode, press "RESET" button to choose time,date or week
2.Pressing "START" button to setting after you choose time,date or week
3.Pressing "MODE" button to conform and come back to time mode