304 Stainless Steel Screw and Nut 515pcs, M3 M4 M5 Metric Socket Head Bolt and Nut Assortment Set

304 Stainless Steel Screw and Nut 515pcs, M3 M4 M5 Metric Socket Head Bolt and Nut Assortment Set
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Made from HIGH QUALITY 304 STAINLESS STEEL known for its dependable and rigid strength as well as its corrosion resistant quality. This type of steel is able to withstand drastic weather and temperature changes including placement within extremely humid areas. These qualities ensure hard-wearing making these screws and nuts virtually indestructible.
Serves a WIDE RANGE OF USE AND PURPOSE from furniture repair and plumbing to woodwork and other DIY projects. Ideal for use by a variety of workers and repairmen from plumbers to assemblymen both professional and amateur, even DIYers can opt to use it.
Comes with a STURDY PLASTIC ORGANIZER made from high quality plastic to efficiently and effectively bear the weight of the whole package. It is provisioned with 3 snap locks that holds the lid of the container tightly securing its contents inside. Also, having 3 locks prevents accidental overturns or spillage of the contents.
Package Quantity: 515 pcs Screw and Nuts included(M3, M4, M5)
GUARANTEED ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY not only is it made from high-quality elements this kit also promotes environmental protection and is guaranteed to be mercury-free and toxic-free generally making it poison-free.

Editorial Review

Homvale Screw Assortment Set Specifications:

Screws Type: Hex Socket Button Head screw
Size: M3 M4 M5 (Include M3 M4 M5 Nuts)
Material: High Quality 304 Stainless Steel
Package Quantity: 515 Pcs

Package Included:

M3*8 ---- 30 pcs
M3*12----30 pcs
M3*16----30 pcs
M3*20-----30 pcs
M3 Nuts-----125 pcs

M4*8----20 pcs
M4*12----20 pcs
M4*16----20 pcs
M4*20----20 pcs
M4 Nuts----85pcs

M5*8----15 pcs
M5*12----15 pcs
M5*16----10 pcs
M5*20----10 pcs
M5 Nuts----55pcs

More pieces are allocated on screws and nuts that are commonly used making this kit is ideal for use of auto-mechanics, carpenters, construction personnel, electricians, heavy equipment operator, machinist, maintenance personnel, welders, assemblers or anyone who constantly requires a demanding solution to resolve, repair and/or construct a particular machine, vehicle, furniture, and/or equipment that can withstand wearying utilization.

It can be used on multiple platforms and facets. Creating a concrete list of its uses would be near to impossible as it always finds its way to be a part of a newly founded machine, apparatus, furniture or equipment but let me still try.

Socket head cap screws are used for applications with limited space. They have cylindrical head and internal wrenching features (mostly hexagon socket) that allow them to be used in locations where externally wrenched fasteners aren't desirable.

Also, it comes with a sturdy container kit and unlike other plastic container that comes with the kit, this transparent plastic compartment is made from high quality polyurethane for a long-standing and enduring service in order to support the combined weight of the lock nuts and usual wear and tear. This plastic container comes with a pre-installed border to keep the lock nuts neatly organized and well-kept.