Witch's Wheel (Normal Junction Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Witch's Wheel (Normal Junction Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Editorial Review

Time travel. Witches. Go ahead, put a little magic in your Kindle!

Normal Junction is anything but! It can't be found on any map, but it's a place not too far away from where you are. It's a place where people go when things in their life are turned upside down - a haven, a place where Hope, Resilience,and even Miracles reside. Come, take a trip to Normal Junction, and watch how the spirits collide to turn things right-side up.

In this installment: Calayiah "Layah" and Lybbestre"Libby" Frazier are witches of the Normal Junction kind. They do more than repair watches in their shop, and this time it's Teagan Bales who they'll help discover who murdered his grandmother.

Each book is a stand-alone.

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