SmartiPi Touch back HAT cover - 37mm deep

SmartiPi Touch back HAT cover - 37mm deep
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Includes 4 mounting screws
Compatible with all SmartiPi Touch models
Protects ethernet and USB ports
Made from ABS plastic
37mm clearance between the SmartiPi Touch and the back of the cover

Editorial Review

The back HAT cover is a great accessory for the SmartiPi Touch case for the Official Raspberry Pi display. It attaches to the threaded holes on the back of the SmartiPi touch with the four included screws. Once attached it protects HAT boards on the back and also provides more room to mount custom hardware behind the SmartiPi Touch. Be aware that there are no interior mounting points inside the cover and no holes. You will have cut/drill and modify if you would like to create holes for ports on the HAT board or run wires through the cover. Choose from 15mm deep cover and 37mm deep cover.