Encore Basics Guitar Foot Rest - Adjustable Height Stool w/ Premium Steel Construction - 4.5 to 8.8 Inches

Encore Basics Guitar Foot Rest - Adjustable Height Stool w/ Premium Steel Construction - 4.5 to 8.8 Inches
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·  FULLY ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT-MAXIMUM COMFORT: Encore Basics' guitar foot rest is fully adjustable from 11.5cm to 22.5cm and will allow you to achieve the perfect studying posture for all your guitar sessions. Helpful to classical & electric guitar players to maintain correct posture to improve your technique and also save you from unnecessary muscle aches.
·  A SOLID CHOICE: Made out of durable steel and sporting a non-slip surface, our guitar foot rest is both durable and steady. It will never move or let your foot slip as you study or perform and it's guaranteed to keep your whole body steady so that you can enjoy maximum comfort during your guitar playing or studying sessions.
·  HIGHLY PORTABLE: The smart, lightweight and compact design of our foot rest allows you to easily fold and pack it away so you can carry it with you anywhere you wish. Use it at home, in the studio or for on stage performance; we guarantee you won't find a more reliable choice!
·  CORRECT POSTURE-THE KEY TO EFFICIENCY: Guitar technique is largely based on maintaining correct posture, and our foot rest allows you to find the sweet spot that works better for you and you can make the most out of your studying sessions as your hands stay on the correct position for easier fretboard positioning and effective picking or fingering.
·  SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Our music supplies, accessories and gadgets are simply made to last you a lifetime and make your life easier as a musician for as long as possible. We guarantee that you won't find something that matches this combination of quality and unbeatable price! Grab your guitar foot rest today while our supplies still last!

Editorial Review

Enhance Your Guitar Sessions with Encore Basics' Guitar Foot Rest [see images above]. Enjoy finding the sweet and most comfortable spot to play and study guitar with our Guitar Foot Rest. Our foot stool is fully adjustable from 4.5 to 8.8 Inches (11.5cm to 22.5cm) and will allow you to fully adjust it to your complete satisfaction. The toughest Foot Rest on Amazon! We manufacture our music accessories according to the highest standards in the industry so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Made out of solid steel, our foot rest is mighty sturdy and absolutely guaranteed to last you a lifetime. Comfort On The Go. A musician's life can be filled with constant moving from place to place, our footrest is light weight and compact allowing you to easily pack it and carry it with you in your guitar case or your backpack. Stay Comfortable & Make The Most Out Of Your Guitar Sessions. With our foot rest you can prevent muscle aches that come from practicing with bad posture. Plus, apart from being comfortable, our foot stool can vastly help you with your technique by allowing you to place your hands in the most efficient position on the guitar. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - we know that you'll love using our guitar foot rest so much you won't be able to do without the amazing features it can offer. That is why we fully stand behind our products quality so you can rest assured that you won't find such a high quality deal with such an amazing price! ITEM STILL IN STOCK: Place Your Orders Today While Supplies Last!