eBoot Airplane Airline Flight Adapters for Headphones (3 Pack, Golden Plated)

eBoot Airplane Airline Flight Adapters for Headphones (3 Pack, Golden Plated)
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Plug the headphones cord into the adapter and insert it into the airline jacks to enjoy powerful, balanced sound for music or movies during airplane travel
The airline adapters converts a dual-prong airline jack to a standard headphone stereo mini plug (1/ 8 inch, 3.5 mm)
Great signal transfer is due to golden plated socket
Package includes: 3 pack airline headphone dual socket audio jack adapter
Suitable for most airline dual socket headphone audio jack

Editorial Review

These adapters are portable and convenient when you're traveling in a plane with children.
By utilizing kids headphones and these adapters in the plane headphone jack, it enables you to change the jack from a two prong to one prong (which the kids headphones use, one prong).
Apply your own stereo or noise canceling headphones on-board to enjoy good sound amusement rather than using the headphones provided by the airline.

Golden plated socket
Convert audio jack from airplane dual socket to a standard 3.5 mm (1/8 inch) audio jack.
Allow using your own 3.5 mm audio jack headphone to enjoy airplane radio, movies and etc.
Easy to install, plug the adapter to the armrest of the aeroplane seat, then you can plug your own headphone to the adapter, enjoying the in-flight entertainment system.

Most Airline dual socket headphone audio jack.

Package includes:
3 * Airplane flight headphone adapters

Some new airplane types are able to accept the standard headphone plug directly, no need for the adapter. There is a rarely applied 3-prong jack that doesn't fit the adapter. The airline adapter is convenient for you in the most cases.