INSMA TDA7492P Audio Receiver Amplifier Board DIY Module 25W Dual Channel Red

INSMA TDA7492P Audio Receiver Amplifier Board DIY Module 25W Dual Channel Red
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Output power: add pre-5532 output foot powered 25V, 6ω impedance output 2x50W
Power: 2.1 interface 8-25v DC power supply
Chip: tda7492p,the Sound Quality is very good, big power.
Output impedance: 8 ω(best), 4/6/8/16ω impedance can drive speakers
DIP switches can be adjusted directly after the amp Gain more respect and Better promote greater damping horn

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Package Included:
1x INSMA TDA7492P Audio Receiver Amplifier Board

Amplifier IC: TDA7492P-Stmicroelcctronics
Sound Source: DCM8633 Bluetooth 4.0 module
Product name: Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board.
Power Supply: 12V 3A (Recommend), steady 9-20V.
Output Mode: Stereo
Efficiency: 90%
Output Power: 25W+25W; THD=10%; Vcc=18V; RL=6Ohm
Adaptive Speaker: 20W/4Ohm; 20W/6Ohm; 20W/8Ohm
Control Mode: Bluetooth, Button
Board Size: 82mmx51mmx20mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 90g
Color: Red

How to connect
Connect to power supply, press the power switch, wait 3 seconds, until the blue and red LED
flashing alternately, then use phone or other Bluetooth transceiver device to find the Bluetooth
power amplifier, mobile phone display "INSMA Audio", click to connect. Support device memory and automatic connection.

2. Volume as far as possible not to open to the maximum to protect the speakers.
3. It is recommended to use only Bluetooth as the audio input.
4. Gain switch: the default setting is 21.6 dB.
5. LED alternating flashing: wait matching.
6. One LED flashing: connect successfully.
7. The second function of the PLAY button: long press the button can be directly into the waiting matching mode.
8. To get high quality effect, please make sure amplifier board and speaker matching. Under
normal circumstances, we choose "power amplifier board power: speaker power =2:1",
which means 25W amplifier board is suitable for driving 15W-25W speakers. If the matching
parameters are incorrect, then the effect will be all sorts of strange things.