5M Large Octopus Parafoil Kite with Handle & String by Amazona's presentz

5M Large Octopus Parafoil Kite with Handle & String by Amazona's presentz
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GOOD FOR EYE HEALTH. Gazing at the blue sky flying octopus above can help better regulate eye muscles & nerves, helps alleviate eye fatigue & prevent myopia
REDUCES STRESS & TENSION OF EVERYDAY LIFE. Kite flying also can help develop of concentration
EXERCISE & RELAXING IN THE NATURE. A best & cheap way to have fun on beach, park, garden & outdoor. Fun & easy to fly
EYE CATCHING & HUGE. Dimensions: ~ 196 Inches long ( 5 Meters ) ● Color: Purple ● Material: Nylon, foldable, easy storage
GREAT GIFT IDEAS for your friends. Package included: original kite bag, handle & string, ready to fly!

Editorial Review

"Amazona's presentz" 5M large 3D parafoil octopus kite will look stunning in the sky at any time of the year, it will delight flyers of all ages. With its bright and vibrant colours. it is a colourful wonder in the sky and let it looks like Alien in the sky. 

Fun & easy to Fly , even in light breeze ( Wind Range: >12 mph),  can also be an great gift idea for your friends.

Please indentify the genuine , original octopus kite you received come with a "Amazona's Presentz" kite bag.

The Benefits of Kite Flying:

Kite flying has more benefits than most of us think of:

- Kite flying will regenerate energy and has a way of reducing stress and tension of everyday life.

- Kite flying develops creative thinking, both in the making of the kite as well as flying and adapting it.

- Another less known benefit of kite flying is the development of concentration.

- Kite flying is one of the only recreational activities that is both low budget as well as safe and environmentally friendly.

- Kite-flying is also good for eye health. People must look at the blue sky flying kites, kite line of sight distance with the level of the move, better regulation of the regulating eye muscles and nerves, which help alleviate eye fatigue, prevent myopia, your eyes.