Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish Cream, 16 fl oz

Magic Glass Cooktop Cleaner & Polish Cream, 16 fl oz
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16 Ounces
Use in the cleaning of glass, ceramic and porcelain cooktops
Cuts through tough grease and removes burnt on deposits
Leaves a streak-free shine
Will not scratch surface
Magic cooktop cleaner with stay clean technology makes cleaning glass cooktops and stovetops fast and easy it cuts through grease and grime, plus removes burnt-on deposits with no streaks
Magic cooktop cleaner leaves a transparent, protective coating that helps surfaces repel dirt, water and stains; Micronized scrubbers and buffers prevent surface scratching
Magic stainless steel is rated no1 by consumer reports (spring 2007, winter 2010, fall 2011)

Editorial Review

Spills and burnt-on residue can make cooktops and stovetops difficult to clean. If you have a glass cooktop, removing grease and grime with a specialty cleaner can help extend the life of the surface.