Power-Grip Pedalboard Mounting Tape

Power-Grip Pedalboard Mounting Tape
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Creates a stronger and more reliable bond than other hook and loop fasteners. There's no "fuzzy" side that comes apart over time.
Utilizes the best temperature resistant adhesive backing.
Apply to a clean surface, allow 24 hours to cure, and you have a permanent bold that will last the life of your guitar pedals and pedal board.
Save money by never having to replace it. Ever!

Editorial Review

Keep your guitar pedals on your pedalboard where they belong! Power-Grip is hands down the best pedalboard alternative! Simple, yet ingenious, Power-Grip pedal board tape mates to itself via rows of tiny mushroom-shaped posts that form a much stronger bond than traditional "hook & loop" fasteners. Just cut to size, apply, and GRIP!